Free our children

We live in a world in which humans thrive on social life. As social beings, we are eager to get closer to one another and to join forces. We need to share our emotions and ideas with our family, our friends and neighbours. Getting close or attached to someone is the most powerful determinant of love, peace and balance, which has direct effects on our motivation and our creation. In fact, I believe proximity between humans defines our « humanitude ».

For children, one of the strongest determinants of a steady global development is to experience a secure attachment with humans close to their heart, be it their parents or someone else. When they talk, they want to be heard ; they may seek attention to get help; they create and may expect to be appreciated for their oeuvre d’art; and, they hope to succeed to please someone who really cares for them. These actions and reactions are one of the keys for children to develop their full potential.

In this strange world in which we now find ourselves, proximity has been banished. We are deprived of an important essence in our life. In doing so, I believe we may have pushed our children near an emotional cliff. I feel society is losing something very precious: the touch of humanity one would have fought for yesterday.

Let us free our children, they are worth it. Let us free them to play and laugh like only a child can do. Let us free their imagination and creativity as this will help them cope and revive.  Let us keep a close contact with them, so essential for their quality of life. Finally, let us listen to them, as they have so much to say!

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